Club Edge is constantly working to help educate the
community at large. We believe that an educated
community is a safe and fun community.
Club Edge holds many Seminars and classes and is constantly looking
for new ones and for qualified individuals to give them.
Classes and Seminars that we hold on a regular basis include:
Safety Seminar: This seminar covers a wide range of safety issues. Starting from
making or setting up your profile to first time play. It covers aspects of safe play and more.
Sensual Whipping Class {N,B,P}: Learn the art of sensual whipping. The lecture part of
the class covers information about whips and the care of them. Safety and proper
handling is also covered. The balance of the class is a hands on section. This is a great
opportunity to touch and use a whip under the guidance of seasoned whip masters.
Wax Play Class {N,P}: Learn about the many different types of wax and how to use
them safely. This is also a hands on class.
Fire Play Class {N,P}: Fire play is a very exciting form of play. It can also be
very dangerous. Learn the different types of fire play and how to do it safely.
For more information you can email us:
Rope Night {N,P}: Rope is a beautiful and sensual for of play. It can also be very
dangerous. Rope Night is a peer to peer interaction under the guidance of an
experienced rigger. Learn about the different types of rope and how to use it safely.
Knife Play Seminar {N,B,P} - Knife Play is the sensual art of using knives and other
blade type items to create sensations and mental effects without cutting. Safety is
important as well as the care and maintenance of the equipment. This is not about cutting.
Interrogation Seminar/Demo {N,B,S,P,E}: Interrogation is a very serious subject It
must be handled in a very cautious and safe manner. Many people lump this in with other
subjects. We believe that this subject is important and serious enough to be on it's own.
Not for the weak of heart.
Cutting Seminar/Demo {N,B,P,E} - Cutting is a very dangerous and serious form of
play as are all forms of play that involve blood and breaking of the skin. Learn safety and
proper negotiation for a scene involving this type of play.
Dollar Store Dom (A Study in Pervertables) - There are many who find enjoyment
in the use of everyday items as BDSM toys. The cost factor also comes into play.
Learn how to pick items and what safety precautions to take when customizing the
usage of an item.
N - Nudity
B - Blood can or will be present
S - Sexual in nature. Sexually based acts could or will occur.
P - Precautions must be taken and supervision is recommended before attempting on your own
E - Extreme and Intense scenes
Fisting, Insertions, and Dilation {N,B,S,P,E} - Insertions whether oral, anal, or
vaginal require absolute safety. Care and caution is required.
Spanking {N,P}: Learn about the many different styles and implements you can use.
There are also different positions.
CBT Seminar - Cock & Ball Torture {N,B,S,P,E} - There are many different styles.
They can include tying, impact, and even Insertions. This type play can be very
dangerous and care and caution is required.